Arjun Bijlani ‘extra anxious now’ after individual contracts COVID-19 in his constructing

Arjun Bijlani 'more worried now' after person contracts COVID-19 in his building

Arjun Bijlani ‘extra anxious now’ after individual contracts COVID-19 in his constructing

Actor Arjun Bijlani says he must be additional cautious, after an individual has examined optimistic for coronavirus in his constructing in Mumbai. The actor, who has been in quarantine with spouse and son within the Green Acres constructing, mentioned: “Somebody’s help on the first floor has been infected. It’s a family of doctors. I am on the sixth floor and I am completely quarantined anyways. I think they will seal the building or a few floors. It was earlier reported in the next building, but now since it’s in our building too. We need to be extra careful.”

Incidentally, Arjun lives in the identical constructing compound the place producer Boney Kapoor’s home assist lately examined optimistic for coronavirus.

Quarantining with pets is usually a little troublesome for Arjun. “I have a dog at home and he obviously needs to go for a walk, so it’s going to be a big task now,” he mentioned.

The actor has already stocked up on necessities however he admits that the subsequent 14 days are going to be essential. He accepts that the Covid state of affairs has been mentally scary for everybody for the reason that starting, however now that it is in his constructing he’s extra anxious.

“I am more worried now because I have a five-year-old son at home. But I am going to stay positive and pray that it doesn’t affect my family,” Arjun added.

Although the actor has a assist at house, he mentioned that he and his spouse have divided the family chores.

He mentioned: “Cooking, cleaning, there are so many things to be done in the house. We have a help at home. But me and my wife have divided work on our own. But we have a dog, who needs to go for a walk, and my help is the one who takes him and he sometimes plays with my son too, so now I need to be extra careful.”

“And we will take extra precautions now like washing our hands more frequently,” he added.

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