Amphan aftermath: Wading via neck-deep water to get consuming water

58-year-old Madhabi Ghosh wades via neck-deep water each time she has to fetch consuming water for herself or her husband. Just half-a-kilometre away from the principle Bashirhat-Nezat Road, her home in Bengal’s Netaji Palli is submerged in water.

The devastating Cyclone Amphan has left her home damaged, roof-less and devoid of partitions to cease the water flowing from the close by Bethani River which has been overflowing because the previous 5 days.

Madhabi Ghosh defined her ordeal, “The area is completely flooded. The two of us are somehow passing each day. My husband has a physical handicap. He can’t walk properly. The loss is much more than [2009 Cyclone] Aila. Our girls are not being able to come to give us aid. They work in people’s houses and give us money. Neither are they able to work nor can they give us money due to the lockdown. We are in so much pain.”

“This cyclone was much more powerful than Aila. There is waterlogging everywhere. We can’t live without food. Even if we have dry food, we need to drink water. The government told us to go to the nearby school for shelter, but we couldn’t go…we are old people We are very troubled. I cry all day. The tarpaulin which we used to cover our roof is blown away,” she added.

In Sandeshkhali-1, a block within the North 24 Parganas district, many areas are nonetheless submerged in water.

All embankments have been destroyed as a result of Cyclone Amphan. As a outcome, the river water is flooding not only one village however the whole block.

The flooding has made it inconceivable for these dwelling in a single or two-storey houses to even step out.


36-year-old Sulekha Ghosh carries a set of garments from her home to the principle highway day by day. She has to vary her moist garments as she sits on the roadside all day ready for some aid in type of meals and consuming water. Her home has been submerged and her seven-year-old baby needed to be taken in a ship to maintain him secure from the neck-deep water.

As she does this day by day, her ache is just deepening.

Sulekha instructed India Today TV,”Our houses are flooded with water. We know how to swim but the children don’t so we had to bring them on a local boat and I kept my clothes on it. If we carry the kids on our shoulder that too is also not possible as their safety is compromised. If anything happens to them, where will we take them? We do not have any money.”

She additional defined how she took a locally-made boat simply to relocate her youngsters to a safer place. This is just not the story of only one household however many such households throughout the West Bengal, which has been ravaged by the supercyclone Amphan.

Satarupa Karmakar, one other villager stated,”We got some rice yesterday. Other than that we couldn’t get anything. Yesterday they said that they will provide food at this time.”

It was after days of protest that they got promised meals by the district authorities.

She additionally shared her recollections from Aila.

“My house is filled with waist-deep water. Outside there is neck-deep water. How will I carry my baby under such circumstances? My husband and I may swim through the waters but what happens to the baby? He’ll drown. We are required to come to the street to collect our food. We would not have gotten our food at all if we did not block the road yesterday in protest. We might survive without food, but the baby? Yesterday they gave us food. But today we haven’t been given any food to eat since morning. The chief member of the Panchayat came and asked us if we had got the food or not. We told him we haven’t. The house is all destroyed. My husband works as a driver. Due to the lockdown even that work has stopped. I saw Aila before my marriage and now this after marriage. This is much more destructive. We’ll stay here by the road with some tarpaulin that we have got.”

With the lockdown in place many are rendered and not using a job and individuals are struggling to get at the least two sq. meals a day for survival. The in depth harm attributable to the cyclone will certainly take a superb period of time to normalize, until then, these victims wait with hope of their eyes.

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